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MICOS Web analytics is a measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing a company's web usage.

MICOS Web analytics is not just a tool for measuring website traffic but can be used as a tool for business research and market research, as well as a means to determine and improve upon the effectiveness of your web site. Web analytics applications can also help your company measure the results of traditional print advertising campaigns. It helps one to estimate how traffic to a website changes after the launch of a new advertising campaign or a new products, etc. Our Web analytics package provides information about the number of visitors to your website and the number of page views. We also help gauge traffic and popularity trends which is useful for market research.


Here are some examples of key web analytics we can provide for your website:



A visit, which is also called a session, is the sum of a visitor's requests from the time he or she enters the Web site to a set end time. The sessions number in your analytics tells you how many times your site has been visited, with repeat visitors included.


Unique Visitors

This number shows how popular your Web site is. As you see this number grow, stay flat or shrink, you can tell how successful your marketing efforts have been. If you sell ad space on your Web site, this is the number your potential advertisers will be interested in knowing.

Page Views

Page views are very useful. First, they show you how many pages are visited on your site. Second, when you divide this number by the number of visitors, you can find out on average how many pages each visitor views—the higher the number, the better. Page views tell you that the visitors you’re attracting with your marketing efforts are indeed interested in the content on your Web site.


Length of Session

This determines how long visitors spend on your website. This is a good measure of your Web site’s performance. When visitors spend more time on your Web site, it probably means you’ve identified the right audience and engaged them with relevant content.


Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate can tell you two things: whether your marketing efforts are driving the right people to your Web site and whether you provide content that your audience is interested in.  You want to keep your bounce rate below 40% unless an average visitor is spending a lengthy session on that page.


Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of Web site visitors who completed the action you requested on a given Web page. It could be that they made a purchase, filled out a form or signed up for an email list.




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