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Social media helps promote your site by sending direct traffic, producing links to your site, and generating awareness. Web 2.0 social media allows social marketers to directly engage their consumers in the creative process. In this paradigm, customers become creators or co-creators with the agency or organization. The customers are an active participant instead of a passive recipient. The customer is always at the heart of the social marketing process  and Web 2.0 social media allows them to be at the heart of a very specific aspect—the promotional strategy. We will include you in all the top social media websites on the internet. Search engine spiders troll these sites looking for links to something new and relevant. We can create a buzz around your business and the biggest gain will come when other people mention you (which generates traffic to your site), link to you (which increases your PageRank and brings traffic), or bookmark you (which increases your PageRank and brings traffic.


Social Media – Some Key Terms

Facebook Terms

• Facebook Page – Facebook Pages are associated with businesses and organizations. These used

to be called Fan Pages.


• Fan – A fan is someone who joins a Facebook Page by clicking the Like button for that page. They see updates from that Facebook Page in their News Feed.

• Facebook Profile – This is a personal Facebook account. It is not recommended that you create a Facebook profile for your brand.


• Wall – The part of a Facebook Page or Facebook profile where fans and friends, respectively, can

post messages for anyone to see.


• Like – When Facebook users click the Like button, they let their Facebook friends know they like

particular content, and they give their friends an opportunity to read the content and click the link.

This is analogous to a contact forwarding your company’s email to friends.


• Comment – Facebook users can begin a conversation about a post by commenting on it.

Twitter Terms

• Username – In tweets, you often see Twitter usernames preceded by @. Including this symbol creates a link to the user’s profile on Twitter.


• Retweet – Twitter users can retweet a message to forward it to all of their Twitter followers. Retweets begin with RT.


• Reply – A reply is a public response to a tweet. The Twitter username of the recipient begins the reply.

• Direct Message – Commonly known as a DM, a direct message is a personal message sent to

someone. It requires that both the sender and the recipient follow each other, and it is not publicly

visible. The message begins with a D and is followed by the username of the message recipient.


• Mention – A mention occurs when a Twitter user references your brand. Any tweet with your brand’s Twitter username is a mention.


• Follower – A follower is someone who follows your brand on Twitter. Followers receive your tweets, so it is important to grow your follower count.


• Hashtag – Hashtags include text following a #. Hashtags highlight keywords or topics in a tweet.

Twitter users often search by hashtag to find all tweets related to a topic.




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