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MICOS GROUP L.L.C. will show you how to utilize the communication super-highway (INTERNET) to meet  the fullest potential of your business .  Let us arm you with all the website tools you need to make your internet business a success!


We feature a variety of internet solutions and services that will get your website and online business fully functional. Choose from a Internet Product or Service below to get started.  


Key Benefits

  • Website Exposure

  • Online Incremental Sales

  • Maximum Computing

         Home or Small Office Computer Networking

Internet Service Provider Selection and Setup

          Broadband Connections Selection and 

Modem Selection and Setup

          Routers/Switches Selection and Setup
With your computers connected, you could:

Share a single printer between computers Share a single Internet connection among all the computers in your home

Access shared files such as photographs, MP3s, spreadsheets and documents on any computer in the house

Play games that allow multiple users at different computers

Domain Name Registration

All servers on the Internet also have human-readable names, called domain names. We have a service that will search and register your domain name for you.


Website Design

We provide a professional web presence for small businesses and individuals by offering top-notch technology, friendly service and competitive pricing.


Web Hosting

Once you have a registered domain name and your designed website, you will need a server to HOST your website. We have a have a wide variety of Hosting Services to match your needs.

Meta Tag Generation

If you are planning to enter your pages into search engines so that other people can find them, you will want to add Meta tags to your page. We offer a service that will generate the Meta tags for the pages of your choice.


Search Engine Optimization

With over 85% of all new visitors to a web site originating from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others, it is essential that every business implement a search engine marketing campaign that allows their customers to find them. We will refer you to the largest search engine marketing company in the world.


Website Banners

There are a several ways Web sites make money, but one of the main sources of revenue is advertising. And one of the most popular forms of Internet advertising is the banner ad. We offer a service that will create a custom banner to maximize your advertising needs.


-  The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce recently announced that the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the fourth quarter of 2005 was $22.9 billion. As you can tell,  E-commerce has exploded in the last 10 years! MICOS Group has a complete e-commerce marketing strategy. Our services will help setup your business website for full ecommerce capabilities which could possibly lead to millions of dollars in potential sales.


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